Ruthless Savior - Julia Sykes

Ruthless Savior

By Julia Sykes

  • Release Date: 2020-07-21
  • Genre: Thriller


She's mine to keep and protect...

For far too long, I've denied my desire for sweet Marisol. I swore to protect her from men who might try to claim her, and that included myself.

I kept her safe within my brutal cartel, but she fled from my home at the first opportunity, escaping the safe cage I built for her. I'll do whatever it takes to capture her and lock her away again, where I can guard her from the dangers of the world.

This time, I will claim her. I'll give her more pleasure than she can bear, and she'll never want to leave me again. Marisol will be mine.

Note: Ruthless Savior can be read as a standalone dark romance novel.